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EOS Webcam Utility drops connection to EOS 80D after 15 minutes of livestreaming


Hi so Im trying to use My canon 80D as my streaming camera for twitch through OBS. I have everything set up and it works great for about 15-30 minutes and occasionally up to an hour but then randomly EOS Webcam Utility Pro will sho the white cord with a Red X above it causing the image to be disconnected. I havent been able to figure out how to fix it and Ive trie dropping the output resolution, frames, etc...


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


There are a couple things you can check which might cause the camera to disconnect or go to sleep after a period. First check that the [Auto Power Off] is disabled. Next I suggest trying a different USB cable and/or port. If your USB cable is very long or if you are plugging into a USB hub rather than the computer itself then a disruption can cause a temporary disconnect.


Beyond that, it is possible the camera is overheating and shutting down, but the camera would likely be warm to the touch if this is the case.


I would leave all power savings settings in the default settings.  If you have changed anything, I recommend setting it back to factory default.

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