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EOS Rebel T5i, EOS Utility Not Working - Unique issue



I have been using my T5i Rebel as a webcam for some time. I am using USB connector and have a dummy battery connected all the time. 
- The camera is functioning perfectly on it's own. 
- I've installed the EOS utility (and have been using it for years)

Out of nowhere, it suddenly stopped working and started showing this screen, while I have seen the screen that's similar that has a "USB" symbol with a red X, this is very new to me and doesn't have those things. 

I uninstalled lots of software hoping to solve the problem (including Nvidia tools, Nvidia broadcast, CUDA, CUDnn and more). 

Nothing worked.

Uninstalled my entire OS and reinstalled Win10 again, and still facing the exact same issue. 

I've read other forum articles here on your website, watched over 5 hours of random tutorials on YouTube about the tool, and still have not been able to come up with a solution. I am on meetings for most of my day and thus this is causing me extreme frustration, I am hoping to find help here. Thank you





I want to add that I've tried two different downloads the EOS Webcam Utility and another with the same name but labelled as "PRO"


Did you try other USB ports on the computer? Another USB cable? Did you get the current version of Webcam Utility PRO from Canon's support site for your camera?

Uninstalling other software is not the first thing I would have done, and completely reinstalling Windows seems like a drastic overreaction. 

Yes, drastic is the word, I run a marketing agency and I'm on calls with clients and potential leads all day long. This is extremely hectic of a situation! 


Your battery eliminator is potential issue.  Does it work using only camera battery power?

USB cables have been known to go belly up without warning.  Have you tried a different USB cable or a different USB port on your computer?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Heya, thanks for your response. 

I don't have an alternative USB cable, but just to test it, I downloaded (then later uninstalled) the EOS Utility and was able to control the camera just fine. I can also see the camera in "My PC" when conntecting + USB connectivity audio signal etc. 

Doesn't seem to be a USB issue. I did change ports though, and since my last comment, I've literally tried uninstalling and re-installing all available versions of the webcam utility. 

Any other ideas why this would happen, or where I can get a definitive answer? Thank you very much. 

Happy holidays!

Just tried switching back to the original batteries. No luck there. 
USB: Different ports tested. Tested the cable it's working fine.