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I have a EOS 6D and still new to this stuff of about a year.  Sat, the camera started to act up and it seems to me the mirror box doesn't full open and not working properly.  I also noticed thru the veiw finder there is "stuff" (black little specs like two on the view. )  Has anyone had this issue happen?  I took battery out and tried different lens and it stil does it.  When I take a picture the focus is all over and as well as when it does take a picture I only get 1/4 of it.   Any help would appreciaute it thanks! n



Could be the mirror, or the shutter.

Take the lens off and activate the lens cleaning function. Does anything seem out of place?


The next step is to set up your camera to take a picture without a lens, set a slow shutter speed and look at what happens.



I had taken the Lens off and I see the mirror move but it looks like it doesn't flip all the way,  I don't have anything to clean, so wondering if I should have it cleaned.  Just afraid to spend to have it cleaned it not be the issue.  

If you put it in cleaning mode and do not see the whole sensor, the camera is beyond a cleaning. It needs to be sent in for repair.

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