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canon m50 firmware ver 1.1.0


I believe this firmware was a waste of time.
canon should try harder if he wants to stay in the competition. I bought m50 a few weeks ago and I am really disappointed with features that can easily be added to it by an easy firmware update. tbh if canon doesn't address these issues that I mention with a firmware update I will go for sony for my next camera purchase.

1. 4k 30 frames per second is not there. I know it uses canons Digic 8 processor as in Canon G7 X Mark III and Canon G5 X Mark II 90D R and RP. so I think it should be able to hit that 30fps in 4k with an easy firmware update. I believe there are no technical barriers and it is held back so its bigger brothers can shine. autofocus with eye detection should work in this camera in movie mode as well.
2. a clean HDMI output. this one gets me really disappointed when I find out it only output display into one monitor at a time and not only it turns its own display when you are using an external display or capture card but also it is not a clean HDMI output and there are some setting overlays in the image I like to see 4k60fps HDMI output  with 4.4.2 10 bit as well
3.even though I barely shoot videos outside I wish I could have seen my audio levels so it saves me a lot of time troubleshooting and editing my videos
4.this 1.7 crop factor in 4k is driving me nuts why?? why it is there?

5. 30-minute video record restriction. as far I know this limit was due to some taxes in the EU which was lifted a few months ago why are u still have this restriction on your camera ??  

personally, ease of use and more features are as important as technical specs.
on paper, m50 is absolutely a flagship killer camera with a lower price but in action, it is  just a mediocre camera with nerfed features which is hyped a lot for no reason

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