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birds in flight/gimbal and 7dm2 questions


Hi all, I'm new to the page. I am still learning, and would appreciate some help. One of my favorite things to do is to video birds in flight. My husband is a master falconer, so i get to be up close and personal with the hawks and falcons. The birds can be flying right at my feet, or a few hundred yards away. I currently am using my 7d m2 with 70-200 2.8 IS USM. hand held it can get pretty jumpy. So i am looking into hand held gimbal mounts. but i am having trouble finding ones that will mount the camera AND support it software wise. i am looking at the Zhiyun crane 2 and the DJI ronin s if that helps you understand what i am needing/wanting. i cannot use a true tripod, as that would create a disaster trying to move it to follow the birds in flight 🙂 

These two video gimbals i mentioned above can support the weight of my camera, 7dm2 and a 200L, but i am getting conflicting reports as to whether or not the software from both gimbals will communicate with the 7dm2 and the 200. manufacturers say no, users say yes. so i was hoping for some clarification from someone on this site. Any ideas?



I also would like to obtain a microphone, i am currently looking at the tascam dr-10sg. It seems to suit what i will be doing. the tascom can be found here [Link Removed Per FORUM GUIDELINES] .Thoughts?


final question, if you were able to video these birds, what would your choice of lens and gimbal be? or no gimbal at all? what would you have your settings at as well for the camera?

thank you for your time and help. 



thanks for your help.