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Which Bag do you use for your Camera? What about the GadgetBag 300EG?


Which Bag do you use for your Camera? What about the GadgetBag 300EG?



I use Tamrac and thinkTANK bags depending on what I need or want with me. A big Tamrac bag holds most gear but it's too big and heavy to really carry on location so things get broken down into smaller units.


It's a constant trial and error process.


The Canon shoulder bags are nice but heavy (big metal buckles) and not so suited for quick access like some sling bags or shoulder bags that open from next to the body. 


Look at lots of youtube reviews and then pick something you think might work for you and your gear.



I agree - it's all about preference.  I use the ThinkTank Retrospective 7.  I *love* ThinkTank's attention to detail...  everything from having a rain cover included with the bag, to having ingenius use of velcro (sp?) patches to enable you to "silence" the bag so it doesn't make the big "SCRATCH" sound when opening the bag during a quiet event, etc.


My best advice would be to do your research (which you're clearly doing) and have a clear understanding of the return policy wherever you buy it, and then don't be afraid to return it if you get it and feel it doesn't meet your needs.  A restocking fee is a small price to pay to not be stuck with a bag that doesn't work for you.  And if for any reason you get it and can't return it, there's always eBay.  🙂

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