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What Canon camera do you consider the best for video????


What model Canon due you consider to be the best over all camera for video and why??


Thanks Bill



One of the C series, which are designed for video.


Most of the EOS cameras are intended for still photos.  They can shoot video but there are some caveats.  One major caveat is that they can't record for more than 29 minutes 59 seconds (they have to stop short of 30 minutes) to avoid being categorized as "video cameras" for international trade agreements regarding tariffs on video cameras.  Not all countries impose these tariffs, but some do and the cameras are designed to make sure they don't run afoul of the rules.


Dedicated video cameras (such as the "Cinema EOS" series (aka "C" series) are designed for video.


If you just plan to shoot short clips and don't need a true video cameras, then currently the choices are things like the 80D or the 5D IV ... or even the T7i or 77D.  All of these cameras have Canon's Dual-Pixel CMOS AF which puts phase-detect auto-focus capabilities directly in the sensor ... meaning the camera can do continuous foucs tracking of subjects while recording video (this is something most cameras cannot do).   


Canon's "STM" lenses have focus motors that are almost completely silent (and smooth) such that the internal mic wont be able to detect the sound of the focus motor (although for quality video, you should use an external mic such as a powered Rode VideoMic).


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks for that feedback greatly appreciated



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