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Using remote with R3 and no self timing lite to let me know if shutter released


I know if I use the button on the camera the light will blink for countdown. But I’m 10 feet away and can’t hear the shutter. This seems totally backward. If I’m at the camera I can hear the shutter and don’t need the light. Is there anyway to get the lights to function with the remote? Thank you!



Hi and welcome to the forum:
What mode is your shutter release in - i.e. mechanical, 1st Curtain etc.  If it's on electronic, you might want to check the options for that in the menu to make sure it generates a shutter sound.  See the Advanced User Guide:
c010.pdf ( for reference to Silent Shutter: on P286, References to Beep on P938.

cheers, TREVOR

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I’m using electronic with the silent shutter function off. I can try mechanical and see if that changes anything. I just want visual confirmation that the shutter got released.106A9011.jpeg


Welcome to the Canon Forums!

What type of remote are you using?  I like to use a Wi-Fi only iPad connected via Bluetooth to control cameras remotely.  The iPad even makes a shutter noise.

I’m curious, too.  Why do you have a need to hear the shutter?  

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I ended up having to use the iPad and it wasn’t bad but every time I go to play the photos in the body it disconnects the WiFi and I have to relink to shoot again. There’s no way to review using iPad that I found without disconnecting either. Also the iPad puts out light. It just seems counter intuitive from canon. I’m using remote BR-E1 btw. Does the light on the remote blink maybe when the shutter is released?

So now the R3 has blinking lights before the shot. Idk. This thing over heats when shooting 120p 4K after about 30 secs of shooting. Sent it back with video of the overheating and got the ‘we can not replicate’ song and dance with nothing but wasted $ for shipping. Have had to pull the battery after freezing multiple times and just overall lots of glitches. Waiting for the mark ii 5

I halve never tried to review images stored in the camera on the iPad. The BR-E1 is not able to review images stored in the camera, either.  Normally, you could download the images to iPad. 

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