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Trying to Tether to Mac Computer, Having Issues...




I don't "speak camera" so please bear with me. I am currently trying to tether my Canon Rebel T3 to my Apple MacBook Pro.


I have owned this camera for a couple of years but only used it on occasion. I never bothered installing the software because I didn't think I needed any of the complicated tools the software has to offer, which I wouldn't know how to use anyway. 


Fast forward two years. I am now photographing coins for work, using a macro lens, and I hear that tethering the camera to computer monitor makes taking close-ups of small objects much easier since you are able to view the object on a much larger screen than the small LCD monitor on the camera body. I remembered when buying the camera that a few discs were included in the box, one being the EOS Utility software. From what I have gathered, this is the program that will allow me to tether my camera to the computer, i.e. have a live view of what is under the lens on my computer monitor. 


Thinking it would be as easy as popping the disc in and installing the program, that's what I do, and that's where I ran into my first problem. The software appears to have installed properly, but when I open the EOS Utility program while my camera is connected via USB to my laptop, it does not detect that the camera is plugged in (my camera is switched "on" at this time). Also, a window saying that I am not running a compatable operating system appears. I am currently running Mountain Lion (Mac's second-latest OS). 


So I am wondering if the software disc is the problem, my computer, or if my lack of knowledge of these things is the problem? Or perhaps a combination of the three. Whatever it is, I could really use some help. 






Yes - EOS utility can control the camera and perform remote/tethered shooting.  


Make sure you've updated it ... if you never loaded the original software, it's possible that it's not compatible with your OS -- but the updates are freely available.


Go to Canon's website here:


Make sure it shows your OS version in the pull-down menu on the website (Mountain Lion).  Click the small triangle next to the word "Software" to expand, then download the latest version of the EOS Utility updater.  Note this is not the full program... but an "updater" -- it will bring your currently installed version up-to-date.  


Also, Apple's "Aperture" software (that's Apple's "pro" software for photography) will do tethered shooting as well... Aperture is $79 and of course the EOS Utility is included in the price of your camera.  


When shooting "macro" photography, the depth of field can be extremely "thin" -- such that it may be difficult to get a whole coin in focus depending on the angle of the camera.  There is a technique called "focus stacking"... you take manage images... each focused at a slightly different part of the coin (changing focus by a few millimeters at a time).  The software merges all the images into one image in which the object will be in sharp focus from front to back.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Brian, Thanks for asking that question.  I am trying to do something similar.


Tim, I appreciate your expertise and hope you can help me as well.


I have a Rebel Xs (purchased in '09) and have thethered it to my Macbook Pro previously using Photo Booth. It was about a year or two ago and likely an accidental discovery.  Anyway, I am trying to do this again and Photo Booth is not recognizing the camera at all.  It only shows the internal camera in the dropdown list.  I would like to use the camera to record video directly to iMovie if possible.  I've searched the web for driver updates or perhaps I didn't hook it up properly. I am (almost) positive I updated the software last year to the latest versions so maybe it's a compatibility/support issue? 


The goal is to, hopefully, use what I have before purchasing another camera and/or software.  I'm not making a motion picture, just recording a local soccer game.


Any help would be extremely appreciated.  Thanks again!





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