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Transferring pictures from EOS Rebel XTi to PC


I haven't used my Rebel XTi in a number of years and can't figure out how to transfer pictures from the camera to my PC. I have the cable but do not have original software disc and can't find it anywhere to download. The Rebel Xti isn't listed on the EOS Utility download page  



Hi and welcome to the forum:
Honestly, the recommended and fastest method is to:
1 - turn off the camera,
2-  remove the card,
3-  insert it into a compatible CF card reader attached to your computer.  (If you don't have one, you can pick them up fairly cheaply on the web.  Good to get one that also reads Secure Digital (SD) cards).
The pc will see it as a conventional drive and you just copy the files across as you would with any documents.
4-  After checking they transferred, eject the card re-insert in the camera
5-  Format the card using the camera's format command do not just delete the files.

cheers, TREVOR

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