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T6i : best AF setting to shoot movies without putting your hands on the camera


Hello there,


I'm new to the Rebel T6i and I'm having some issues while trying to shoot movies.
When I film, I never have the camera on my hands cause I work with a 'cage' - a support that you attach the camera to it to have more stability and also put light and microphone on it.

Well, that said, I can't keep touching the screen to focus on the objects I want to focus. So I'd like to know if you guys have any  hints on what is the best AF set on the T6i for this purpose.


Thanks a lot!


@beatman wrote:

T6i has AI Servo, AI Focus, live tracking mode, etc. I've made lots of new tests today and it worked great.
I'm just new to the equipment, that's all.
At the end of the day, all I had to do was change my approach - I have to touch the lcd screen to control it - no matter what- that's all.

Correct.  There is no "hands free" mode of operation.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


There is a mode to track objects.  Can't remember what it's called at the moment and I'm work and don't have the time to look it up. Look in the manual, it's there.  When in this mode tap on the object you want to track and it will keep the focus on it.  Not the best but it works when I video my son playing Lacrosse.

I agree, if you bought this camera for video you may have wasted your money.  For the amount of money a T6i is you could have bought a kick-azz video camera.

I have read the entire manual and yes, AF Tracking method (tapping the LCD screen) works absolutely fine. 
The only counterpart is that - as I've described on the title - for some shots I can't put my hands on the camera. For that purpose I'm now testing different sets (ISO/apertures/shutterspeed) on manual mode + AF Flexizone (AF that doesn't require tapping). I will see how it works.
What would be the killer video cameras I could've bought for same price as the T6i? Just for research, who knows, maybe I can make a deal here.