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T3i will not see any SD card that I've used in it before. Laptop sees them fine.


Everything was fine when I took the card out and transferred photos to my laptop, but when I put the card back into the camera, it said "No Card," so I tried another card that I use with this camera and got the same message.  I tried them in my laptop and there is no problem with them there. As I said, I use both cards in this camera, alternating between the two of them with no problem, all the time.  One is a PNY and the other is an EMTEC (MicroComputer's brand, I believe).  Both are class 10.  One is 8 Gigs and the other 16.  But none of that should matter, since they have both been fine up to now.  So the problem is with the camera, but what and why???



Hi LinMoore!


Thanks for posting.


At this point, the camera will need to be serviced if if does not recognize any of your cards.  It is difficult to speculate what is causing this, but the Factory Service Center can correct this for you.


To start the repair process, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.

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Hi Mike, thank you for your reply. I love my T3i; since owning it, I have become a much better photographer not only in my skill, but also in my creativity.  I was heartbroken when the No Card in Camera message appeared and I was unable to use it.  Fortunately, and curiously, the problem corrected itself the morning after my initial post, but as I am obviously not the only person, nor am I one of just a few who have had this problem with their T3i, I am concerned that it's just a matter of time before it does it again.  I read in one of the forums that it costs $250 to repair this, and I just don't have that kind of money to spend nor do I believe I should have to on what is apparently a defect in a camera that is less than three years old .   Can Canon work with me (us) here?  

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