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Settings for video shoot like blade runner


Sorry for the eye catching thread name... its not exactly blade runner.. its the video of a synthezier thats called "decker;s dream" and aimed at that sound in the movie , and the video is  has a cool look i'd like imitate with the Canon EOS rebel t5.. and in LA. 

Im just very newbie at this. i did go through the tutorials about camera stuff.. but still, seems im a little off on what iam trying to achieve. 

So any advice on camera settings to get this look







I don't do video but the shots that look like the movie have a couple things I could name from still photography.  


One thing is the blacks are not deep black but rather dark grey and overall there is a low contrast washed out look. In Lightroom you could do that by setting the tone curve so it no longer starts in the bottom left corner but rather a little way up the left line. Or you could simply lift the blacks slider to clip off the blacks and lower the contrast slider. 


There is also a lot of lens flare. You could make that happen by shooting directly into point light sources with a lens that doesn't have a lot of expensive anti flare coatings and without a lens hood. 


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