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Rebel T6i External Mics Not Working




I've had my Rebel T6i for over 2 years now and have always used the same lapel mic when filming. I have never had

any problems with the mic or the sound quality until this past week when I went to record and the sound wasn't working at

all from the external mic (the built in mic doesn't have any problems working). 


I thought my lapel had simply bit the dust (it was a cheap mic), so I purchased a new external microphone (Takstar brand), only to find that it doesn't work either.


I have changed the menu items from auto to manual (and back again, because it didn't result in any changes), I have made sure the plugs are completely plugged in -- yet still get absolutely no sound (and yep -- rechecked to make sure all the external mic devices I was testing with were turned "on"). 



Any advice or help? 





Double check your microphone cable, too.  It sounds like your camera may have an issue.  Contact Canon Support.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


I've had the same issue with my lav mic, although sometimes it will work and other times it will not - unfortunately, I won't know until after I'm done recording the interview... hoping it's not the mic jack on the camera and just the mic!

Has this issue been addressed? I use this camera with my photobooth..for weddings to record short videos and it worked fine for one wedding, but the next, the camera just picked up the outside noise. Everything was hooked up the same no settings were changed and we even did a test video and checked it before the booth opened. The only difference was the music. The first event and test runs were done without alot of noise in the background, but this past event was done within the same vicinity of where the dj was. So when I checked all the videos, none of them recorded through the mic and all I could hear was the background music. It was almost as if the camera disabled the mic and tried to capture everything else. Which is why we use the mic, so people could be heard over the music...


Any suggestions? My next plan is to try and mimic the load setting and see if it works.


I have the same problem.  I'm going to try another mic.

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