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Random T5i Question


Hi Everyone,

First time posting because I cannot find an answer to my really random question.  I work with a system that uses the T4i, we are slowly upgrading all the cameras to a T5i.  The one thing that has always worked before with the T4i is that while connected to the computer via usb, I was able to push the pop up flash button to pop up the flash, whiel still tethered.  Now I have the T5i in the exact same configuration and while connected to the computer, I cannot use the button to pop up the flash unless I unplugg the usb connection.  Is this some silly new feature that I am not seeing anywhere in the menu?  I do not use the EOS Utility with the system I am using, because I know in the Utility it has the button to pop up your flash, which I don't want, I want to be able to hit the lighting bolt button and pop it up manually.  Any answers would be awesome, I am perplexed by this weird change in the camera between the T4i and the T5i.  Thanks in advance!



That's odd, given that they're almost identical cameras.  There were hardly any differences in the T5i "upgrade": some changes to Live View, a coating on the plastic body, and a knob that can turn 360 degrees.


I suppose it's possible that they inadvertantly changed this function when making the modifications to Live View and the display.  But the changes really aren't that significant, nor related.


Sorry, I can't really offer any advice.  Though I'm curious why you're spending the money to upgrade from T4i to T5i?

The T5i and the T4i are nearly identical cameras and not worth the upgrade unless the T4i is failing somehow.

But I suspect the two do not share the same firmware and that is likely where the issues is.

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