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Bought a REBEL T3 last August 2014. On a few occasions the power needed to be turned on and off to get the camera on. Tonight it is now giving me ERROR 30. Found another forum with suggestions to clear problem but none have worked. This is apparently a shutter fault but I've removed the lense and the shutter is working fine. Considering the glitches I experienced before the fatal error I'd say the camera was defective out of the box. The waranty is still in effect. Problem is I'm in the Philippines until September and by the time I'm back in the U.S. the waranty will have expired. As far as I'm concerned the camera is junk not worth paying to get fixed. I'll sell off the lens and my wife says she can sell the body for scrap here in the Philippines. I just use the camera for personal photos, from now on it's going to be cheap throw-away cameras no more $300 throw away ones.





We would like to assist you in having your camera repaired. When you return to the US, please send us an email at for assistance.


Yours in Support


You know bad things can happen to good gear.  It is worth having it looked at.  Is it not possible to ship to Canon from there?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

The warrenty is only honored in the US and shipping from here is not cheap. I also have no faith in currently produced electronic gear with tiny circuits and components. I'm retired from the electronics industry and am aware about the push from a small special interest group in Europe to have lead removed from solder. Without the lead content, solder used to assemble components onto circuit boards deteriorates over time limiting the life of products. I've had to repair some rack sized equipment soldered with lead free and many of the connections were coming loose. There have been articles on what a mistake it was switching to lead free solder. Of course nobody wanted to lose the European market so now everyone has to put up what a few idiots pushed through in Europe. I will not be buying any more expensive electronic cameras but instead rent when I have a special need. 

Of course I don't know what your shipping rates are but certainly not as high as a T3 costs.  I don't agree with your assessment of Canon equipment.  I have been using Canon gears since 1980.  I use it in a hard professional life so it gets its share of knocks.  My experience with Canon Service, especially CPS, has been nothing short of outstanding.

I know of the lead-free solder shortfalls.  The tin whiskers and loose joints.  I don't believe the T3 suffers from it, however.


At this point all you have to loose is the shipping charge.  Right?  Otherwise if they can't or won't fix it, so what, you lose the shipping money.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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