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R5 Intervalometer DOESN'T TRIGGER with back-button focus


Serious BUG in my new R5. Unlike all my previous bodies (5DSR, 5D Mark IV, 7D Mark II) the built-in intervalometer DOES NOT TRIGGER the shutter, when the camera is set for Back-Button Focus. That is - Shutter Button Half-Press is set to "Metering Start". 


The back LED actually looks like it's taking pictures - but it's not. You see "TIMER" flashing every "N" seconds, but all it's really doing is metering once every N seconds. 


If I disable Back-Button Focus (set Shutter Button Half-Press to "Metering and AF Start") then the intervalometer works as expected. But like most serious photographers, I always have my Canon bodies configured for Back-Button Focus full time.  


I just wasted 2 hours thinking I was "shooting" a timelapse, but all it captured was the first image. Canon - PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!






UPDATE: this bug (Intervalometer doesn't take any pictures, when "back-button-focus" is enabled) appears to be FIXED in firmware update 1.2.0, released on 11/19/2020.


I just installed this firmware on my R5, and did some quick timelapse testing with the built-in Intervalometer. It appears to be working properly now.

Fantastic. Thanks for following up on this bug