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Problem With Live View/Exposure Simulation On 5D MkIII


I have a Contax/Zeiss 35-70mm f3.4 lens with an adapter and it worked perfectly well on my 50D, now I have upgraded to a 5D MkIII I'm having problems and wondered if someone on here could help?

I use the Contax/Zeiss mainly for landscapes and am happy setting the aperture manually as well as focusing manually but I also like to use Exposure Simulation to gauge my exposure and Live View to focus. I could do this happily on my 50D but Live View and Exposure simulation doesn't work on my 5D MkIII.

In manual mode I get a very dark Live View screen, changing the aperture does nothing to the brightness of the screen but I can get a slight brightening of the screen by increasing my shutter speed considerably but the resulting image is way over exposed, possibly by about 5 stops.
If I switch to Av mode the Live View screen brightens considerably, almost to the correct Exposure Simulation level but the brighteness doesn't change to reflect anyI changes I make to aperture or shutter speed.

Does anyone else have this problem or do you know how to solve the problem?

Oh the aperture does stop down and open up correctly when the lens is mounted on the camera.



All you need to do is disable Exposure Simulation.



Mike Sowsun

Thanks Mike


I will give it a try and report back.