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Playback from raw without picture style

I shoot jpg a d SD card and raw on CF card and preview/playback is seriously from CF card, as I want to see exactly what degree of enhancement the pic needs in Lightroom, in order to decide if to keep it or delete it. When you are on a 21 day holiday, it's the only way to avoid filling up the CF card in a week.

Of course I also have selected NEUTRAL picture style, cos unfortunately the 7d Mk2 applies the selected picture style to the preview, even if you are using the card with raws as playback.

Drawback is that even all jpgs come out dull and not as sharp as they should: show them to friends and parents a d they will pull your leg with a "you spent $3K for camera and lens, and my iPhone shoots better pics?!".

So, is there a way to select a picture style to be spied to jpgs and have playback from raws WITHOUT the picture style applied?

If not, suggestions? Comments?



Let's consider some basics.  Very first go buy another or even several CF and SD cards. It is foolish to rely on one card on a big holiday outing.

Now, Raw is not viewable. Period, you can't do it.  It is just a series of ones and zeros.  Conversion has to be made and the settings you select in your camera are used to do this conversion. Keep in mind the Raw file is not altered in any way by this. It remains as is.


""you spent $3K for camera and lens, and my iPhone shoots better pics?!"."


Sure it's possible.  The $3K camera and the iphone are just tools.  How you use the tools determines what you get.  There is no doubt the $3K camera is far more versatile and adaptable.  Ask that iphone user to make a 11x14" print or even an 8x10" for just one example. Of course shooting the family in front of the xxxxwhateverxxx and viewing on a 3" LCD the $3K camera and iphone difference might not be as apparent.


Again, the biggest benefit from Raw files is the vastly greater ability to do post editing.  I think you should and I always do take a laptop on shoots with me.  I use it to do my viewing  and editing.  That is a far better way to decide what to keep and what not to or to re-shoot.  I have a 17" laptop with LR and PS on it but when I get back home I transfer the photos to my desktop with a 32" monitor. I do the critical editing there.  So, anytime you want to compare your friends iphone with my $6K camera, bring it on!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!