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Pairing an EOS R with a microscope


Hello everyone!

My name is Kate, and I'm a microbiologist from Boston.

I have a question regarding the possibility of capturing extended video footage of microorganisms under a microscope using a Canon camera. Currently, I own a Canon EOS R camera and various microscopes from Carl Zeiss. From what I understand, I can attach the camera to the microscope using an adapter. Will the quality be good? What adapter is best to use? Which software should I choose for this purpose? I currently have EOS Utility for remote shooting.

Another question is, can I charge the camera directly via a cable without removing the battery, and how can I do that? Has anyone encountered similar challenges? There are different cameras designed specifically for microscopes, but I'm not satisfied with the image quality. I would greatly appreciate any advice!


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There is a way to charge the battery while in the camera. See this from the camera manual:

Screenshot 2023-09-12 105327.jpg

If the EOS Utility is working ok with your lens now, it should work with the camera on the microscope.

As far as the other questions, I have no experience with adapting a camera to a microscope.

Thank you so much! Very detailed and helpful instruction!


Lots of questions and hope you find an answer here.

Back just after the earth cooled, a friend took film photos of algae in a hanging drop slide. Came out beautiful. Should have kept the prints.

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I suggest you contact Zeiss about your particular 'scopes. Some stereo scopes have a central lens for attaching a camera, some want to attach it to the eyepiece. You will probably need a "T" mount.