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Orbs in pictures - Rebel T100


Hello everyone!

I purchased a Canon EOS 4000d / EOS Rebel T100 camera for taking pictures at family outings and such. I by no means am an expert photographer nor do I claim to be. I can point and shoot and use the manual and automatic setting on my camera. The camera takes great pictures for what I use it for and I kind of like it a lot. Recently I was looking at some pictures I've taken at a local air show where the thunderbirds flying. Upon looking at the pictures I noticed that there were faint orbs in the picture. No they are not UFO's and the camera is relatively new about 10 months at the time so I would rule out specks of dust or water drops. But just to be safe I looked at the lenses and into the camera I saw no water droplets or specks of dust they appeared pristine. These orbs appear in the background and are translucent. Hear are pictures at different exposures. Note: in the one with the very large orb... the smoke trail form the jets seems to be as if its on a different layer with the orb behind the smoke. I assure you that this is not the case I only changed the resolution of the pictures in order to illustrate what I mean. I also checked the CR2's it's there as well. I'm thinking I have a problem with the sensor or the autofocus any serious thoughts? 

Has anybody run into this problem?

IMG_0262a.jpgIMG_0262b.jpgIMG_0262c.jpgIMG_0262d.jpgOrb very large and very faint.Orb very large and very faint.

 Above orb is very faint. 





Since the size varies, it will be controlled by what aperture you’re using. I think this means you could have dust either on the lens or even the sensor.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

Thanks! My thoughts as well, I was worried that something major went wrong with it, I'll see about getting it cleaned and try it once again.


Hi and welcome to the forum:

Objects such as this tend to indicate that your sensor has some dust or dirt on it.  To try to resolve this, I recommend you try the following:  

Use the manual sensor cleaning feature on P202: NOTE the comments on P203.

Here is a link to the manual . - eos-rebelt100-3000d-im-en.pdf (

If that fails to clean the sensor, contact a Canon support centre or call 800-OK-CANON if in the USA.

To avoid getting dust on the sensor, always do the following:
Never remove a lens from the camera with the camera turned on - the sensor is energized and will attract dust.
If changing lenses, always point the camera body downwards before taking the lens off to change it.  That avoids dust dropping into the camera body.
Note a lens that extends generally will have a 'bellows effect', where as it extends, the lens will intake air from the front, and when retracted will push it back into the body, with any dust.  So try to avoid fast push-pull, and try to stay away from dusty conditions.

cheers, TREVOR

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Thanks TREVOR!

I was thinking around the idea of it being some sort of sensor problem, I never would have thought it could get dusty that easily. I'll try you advice and look at the book but if it's something I don't want to get into I'll take it to a shop and have it cleaned. Thanks! 

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