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New R8, used 5D MIV or a used 6D MII


I just bought a Canon EF 70-200 2.8 IS USM II. Had the lens before, sold it, now bought it again. And because the price was interesting also a 2x III teleconverter.

I love the lens, now I need a good body to accompany it with.

I usually just shoot portraits and sometimes sports. Sometimes the animals at the zoo but more often portraits as in; my kid. Video is not a big thing for me and the ability to take selfies with the 6D Mark II isn't high on my priority list either.

I had the 6D Mark II before but wasn't really happy with the colors. Could be me of course, but that was the biggest downside.

In my area the 6D Mark II is the cheapest option, after that the 5D Mark IV and after that.. well the R8 but I can hardly find one used, most of them are new or open box models.

I can afford the body, but not any extra lenses at the moment.

Any thoughts or advice?



What is your budget?


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Rising Star
Rising Star

In addition to your budget (as Ricky asked) have you looked at the Canon refurb models?  I bought the R8 a couple months ago.  It took a week or two before it was back in stock on the Canon refurb list, but at the time they had it marked down from $1,499 to $999.  Yes, this was probably an open box, but Canon has their techs go over everything on theses, and you really can't tell this was ever in somebody's hands (probably just a sales clerk and a few customers) OR it could have been simply a damaged box upon arrival at the camera store (most likely since it came in a generic Canon box).

I'm simply suggesting the refurb site since you mentioned that you can only afford the body at the moment - so like many of us, you are on a budget.

While the other two cameras you mentioned are excellent choices, everything is moving towards mirrorless, so you would be buying new technology instead of old.  Also, the focus on the R8 is just insanely good compared to the other models you mentioned.


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