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Need help with camera settings: picture is now grainy with low detail


Hi everyone


I’m new to this forum and I’ve been really having an issue with my Canon Eos 6D Mark 2.


I use this camera in my studio with two wireless light stands for flash to take pictures of my paintings, which I then upload and edit.


My problem is this:


After I recently went on a night shoot to take pictures of my fiancé I can’t for the life of me get my settings back to where they were. I had them in the perfect setup for over a year.


Below are the pictures of the now settings, with a picture of the old settings compared to the new. You’ll notice in the new picture their seems to be this all pervasive noise canceling out any fine detail. I’ve riddled with almost every setting and am not sure if I just having hit the right combo.


note: the lens and mirrors look clean and I've cleared the sensor. 


I use a light meter to adjust the f number properly—and have fiddled with the light magnitude for the wireless flash on my lights.


I also use two 8 foot reflectors to shoot the light into to create a soft lighting.


Please look at the pictures below and let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions so we could figure out this issue.

tldr: camera setting messed up, grainy, no detail for pro paintings taking pictures of. Settings were changed and don't know what happened. 





my pictures are hosted on Imgur. Would it be easier to have them in this post ?



Raw pictures:






I change settings on my camera frequently.  Day, night, indoor / outdoor.  If you aren't having luck with the camera, can't remember what you changed, and are unhappy with your photos, I suggest you reset your camers.  (Start Over).


Moving forward, You might want to use a custom settings.  C1, 2 or 3 for your studio work.


Also, your link didn't work, so we can't see your photos.



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Hi Shadow,


I may have to end up doing a reset but I'd prefer not to,


does this link work ?



Your thread was removed because our software recognizes that imgur hosts a lot of unsavory images. It's to keep the community safe. We've moved your thread back, but recommend hosting your images either here, or on a site that's known for photography to make things easier - if you intend on participating in the future.


We're sure our lively community has recommendations on photo repositories you can use! 


Reset it to factory settings. Menus, tools, clear all settings and custom settings.


You set something wrong.

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