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My canon camera doesn't properly focus

My EOS 700D doesn't properly focus. I have my camer for over a year and it worked perfectly until now. The problem only occurs when i try to take pictures of the horizon or when the picture is half sky and half mountains or anything else. When i try to take pictures like this it stays out of focus.


Have you changed to a particular focus point? If none of the available focus points has any contrast, i.e., featureless sky, it can't focus.


Anyone having an Auto Focus Problem with their camera should watch these videos.

A Look at The Canon Autofocus System Part 1


A Look at The Canon Autofocus System Part 2

QAre you positive it isn't that the diopter adjustment dial got bumped?   The diopter dial by the eyepiece adjusts your viewfinder to your glasses prescription, so when it gets bumped suddenly you are seeing like you are nearsighted or far sighted. Sudden appearance of bad focus is sometimes just that. 



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