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Is the Canon 750D/T6i still worth buying?


Hey guys, I'm trying to get into photography and I have a pretty low budget and I've heard that the Canaon 750D/T6i is a good beginners DSLR. Is otbworth buying or are there any other better options that are around the same price range or would I be better off using my Samsung Galaxy s8 camera? Like I've taken some beautiful shots with my phone and I don't want to buy a camera and later finding out that it was a waste of money. Any suggestions?



Only you can determine what a "waste of money" is.


The T6i is a great camera, and will serve you well. The main advantage the T6i has is that it allows you to change the lens. If you purchase additional lenses, the same camera can get shots like this:



To this:



That said, if you want something a little smaller with interchangable lenses you can look into the M series of cameras.


I just got a T6i camera kit after being a point and shoot owner for over a decade. Maybe it is me but I would not call the T6i a beginners camera. It is a great camera though with a lot of buttons and with a fairly long learning curve to get the most out of it. So you have to be willing to put the time in to learn many things. But while learning you can shoot in automatic modes, then branch out from there and get much better pictures than your phone. T6i kits usually come with 2 lenses, at least mine did. If you are serious about getting into photography I think the T6i is a good, relatively affordable start that is expandable as your skills increase, budget too. Your smartphone still with come in handy with the Canon camera connect app. You can look at the user manual online from the Canon site and get a good idea of its capabilities. I think the T6i is still worth buying and there are better deals on it then the T7i.


While this statement is true, "The main advantage the T6i has is that it allows you to change the lens." it may not be the "main advantage". That is if you are comparing it to your smartphone as a camera.  One reason the photos look good on your phone is, it is small.  This means the sensor in the phone is small. Actually tiny is a more fitting word. If all you ever intend to do is look at your smartphone, the T6i may not be any better.

So, that main advantage, is the T6i is going to have a much larger sensor which is capable of making larger photos or prints. Well, I don't want to make large prints you say?  However, if you truly get into photography, you will do post editing.  You might want to crop your image. The most often used edit is cropping.  This requires the same consideration as large prints because you are enlarging the photo so you can remove the unwanted portion.  Make sense? Even than if you still want it back on your phone to view it, it will look very much better.


The fact you can change the lens to suit the condition is just a bonus "main advantage". So,"Is the Canon 750D/T6i still worth buying?" The T6i is still as good as it ever was. Tomorrow it will still be that good and so on.  It is a very capable camera. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that.


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