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I have the Canon T5i and when I shoot videoat night with a good deal of light I get a lot of noise.


I shoot at night with a lot of source light, I get a lot of noise in the video. I have all the settings on automatic. What should I do to get rid of all the video image noise?



Hi mrmyth!


Thanks for posting.


When you shoot in lower light, even at night with artificial light sources, the camera may need to use a higher ISO speed.  Higher ISO speeds help with exposure, but they can produce higher noise levels.  Do you know what ISO speed your camera was using?


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Thank you for the response. I had the camera on auto exposure, and auto focus thinking it would do a better job than I.

In answer to your question, to get rid of the noise when shooting at night: use lighting!

ideally yes, but sometimes it it not possible due to documentary style filmmaking.i could have lighting, i did have ample practical light however.
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