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How can I turn off Exp. Sim on canon 650d live view in manual mode?


Hey guys. I just wanted to ask how to turn off exp. sim.? I need to turn it off because I am using 650d connected with my Mac using by Eos utility. If I turn on live view shot on my Mac I see black of my exposure because my exposure is 1/125 f11 iso 100(external flash exposure). I want to use my 650d like my 5dmark3 in my studio. Thanks.



Higher end cameras have the ability to disable exposure simulation in the menu. Your T4i / 650D will only disable Exp Sim. if you use an ETTL flash or ETTL trigger in the hotshoe.  


How are you triggering your studio strobes now? You may may have to go with a different trigger system if you need to use LiveView while shooting in the tudio. 


One more option you could consider is installing Magic Lantern firmware on your camera. Magic Lantern unlocks many "hidden" fatures on Canon cameras. The ability to disable Exposure Simulation on Rebel series cameras is one these.  


Here is a screenshot of one of the many Magic Lantern menus on  a Canon T4i / 650D:



Mike Sowsun

Thanks for the reply first.


I am using regular non TTL trigger system. I discovered about eTTL flash system can disable exp.sim.


I want to try Magic Lantern firmware on my camera. How does it works and How can I download the firmware?



Google search Magic Lantern and go to the Magic Lantern home page at


It would also be a good idea to do lots of research about Magic Lantern as the learning curve can be steep. 


YouTube videos like this are a good source of learning:






Mike Sowsun

However, since Magic Lantern is not endorsed by Canon, we cannot answer questions about it here.

Maybe Canon USA won't answer questions about Mangic Lantern, but I  can.... 


Any Canon T4i or 650D is long out of warranty and is only worth about $200 so it is a prime candidate for some "experimentation". 


There is really little to no risk and there are thousands of happy Magic Lantern users out there. 

Mike Sowsun

Thank you very much Mike. I solved my problem with my 650d with magic Lantern. It is very useful. 🙂 


Thanks again. 

I found that after disabling Exp Sim with Magic Lantern, it would stay disabled even after I un-installed Magic Lantern 

Mike Sowsun

Thank you guys. I will research about green lantern tomorrow and I believe I will love it too. 🙂 I like to have experience. I hope I won’t kill my camera 😉

Thanks a lot.

"Mangic Lantern" "Green Lantern" See, the forum won't even let us call it by its proper name. 8^)

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