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Help focusing with R6 as someone who is left eye dominant


I run a small photography business (weddings and events) and upgraded from a 5DMiii to an R6. I just received it in the mail today. Was watching a YouTube video where a good piece of advice was to use the single point focus mode and drag my finger to where I want the focus point to be while looking through the viewfinder. The problem is I am left eye dominant so my face somewhat gets in the way. It’s still usable, but I can see why someone who is right eye dominant would have an easier time. What do you guys recommend?



I am a left-eye shooter.  I seen no reason to move AF points around by dragging your finger across the screen when using the EVF.  Close up the display.  Use the joystick, instead.

I also so no reason to even move AF points with an MILC body, anyway.  The camera can track faster than you can.  Use the Center AF point as your initial AF point.  Enable Zone AF.  Place the center AF point on a subject, focus, and recompose.  The camera will stay focus locked on your subject as you move the camera.  Of course, this requires the right combination of AF settings and a few minutes of practice.

BTW, I program the [AF-ON] to be [AF-OFF].  This allows me to reset the AF system back to the center AF point, and then use the center AF point acquire a new subject.

"The right mouse button is your friend."