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Help With a Rebel T2i, wont connect to computer


Hi, I am trying to connect my Rebel t2i to my computer, windows 10 latest update 21H2. I have a cable and have tried multiple. I plug in the camera, and all it does is stop inputs on the camera itself, or copies the same input over and over, like constantly scrolling through the menu. EOS Utility does not recognize it, CanonEOSDigitalInfo doesn't recognize it, Windows doesn't even recognize that anything is plugged in to the computer at all. Auto-power off is disabled, and the camera is updated to the latest firmware. EOS Utility is ver. 2.14.20a.



Do you have another USB cable to try? You may have a bad one. Also, see if turning-off the camera before connecting to the computer makes a difference. Just having Windows recognize and mount the camera as a drive should be a no-brainer.

By the way, EOS Utility is NOT firmware. It's a program on the computer. Firmware is part of the camera. You can see what firmware version your camera has through Menus, and see what the latest firmware version is from Canon. Update your firmware if you don't have the latest now.

Camera has the latest firmware from the website. I have tried turning off the camera before connecting. Windows literally has no recognition of anything being plugged in. I will try to see about another cable, but it works with every other device.


Does your computer happen to have an SD card slot? If not, you can purchase an SD card reader (e.g. those by SanDisk) that are quite inexpensive.  This solution reduces the variables involved with connecting cameras via USB.


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I have an sd card reader and I can get pictures and things off the camera fine from that, but I am trying to use the camera as a webcam and various other things that I need the camera connected to the computer for.


I had started this reply, but had to step away.  

T2i. Latest FW release is 1.1.0

I like Ricky's suggestion of a card reader.  Super reliable.  


You can also try another cable if you wish since you aren't getting any connection acknowledgement from the computer when connecting the camera.  Note, you do not need the EOS Utility to connect your camera to a computer.  You can also try connecting the camera to a different machine and see if its detected.  Once the computer is detecting the device, we can help you figure out what software you can use with it.  If you go with a cable, the USB connection should be made directly to the motherboard or laptop and not through a hub or adapter.

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