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Had solid red light for a while after turning off T3i


Quick question about my new camera. I took some video with my new t3i today and something sort of wierd happened that I cannot find any threads about. I stopped recording turned the knob back to P mode and switched it off all pretty quick. I removed the lens and noticed the red led on the back was still lit up solid (not blinking at all) so i thought maybe it was still writing the video to the card i am not sure how long that takes or how it works.

So i decided to wait for it to go off and it never did after probably a 1 1/2 mins it was still lit solid. I tried to turn the camera back in and nothing happened so i switched it back off (light still lit) and pulled the battery. Put the battery back in and it turned on fine. I checked the card for the video and it was there so it didnt seem to be a curruption issue while writing. I tested video again a little later and also took some test photos and didnt have the problem again so far.

Has anyone else encountered this or is it normal? I was only about to find threads about the light blinking not being solid red. I should mention that I do hve magic lantern (the stable build not any nightlies) installed on that card but was not actively doing anything with it at the time but i know that may not matter. Also the card is a fairly good one, (sandisk extreme pro 95/mbs) and I do format it using only the camera. (Low level format while keeping magic lantern.)

I am not too worried about it at this moment just curious if anyone knows what it could of been. Also I never got any error codes either.

Thanks! 🙂

Instead of trying to repair yours, and I assume you have realized it is done, look for a good used camera. A T3i used goes for about $175 to $200 bucks.  Most likely lees than any repair would be.  However, there are places that will repair yours if you want to.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!