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Error 30 Message on Canon EOS 2000d International Model


To the Canon community, 

I have a Canon EOS 2000d, ever since Wednesday, I have been getting an Error 30 message. I've done everything, from battery cleaning to updating the firmware. Nothing has worked. I'm about ready to return the camera. Any ideas to fix this issue? I need help and fix this camera ASAP as I'm using this camera for a photography class and my first project is due soon.

Thank you



Have you tried testing the camera without a lens or SD card installed to see if it will work.


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I believe an error 30 on a camera of this era indicates a power issue or shutter problem.  I'd test with 1 or more lenses and batteries if possible.  We don't have all the back story, only that this started a few days prior.  

If the device was "new to you" or used and includes a return option, I might consider this as well since this type of issue is likely not something that is worth dealing with.  

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