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EOS RP Flash Overexposure?


Good afternoon. I'm trying out a Neewer 300w flash with my EOS RP. No matter what I try, the images are way overexposed. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I'm in manual, 1/125 f/4 ISO 100 to start. I've played around with settings, but virtually everything is a blank wall of white. What do I need to do? Thanks!



You have found an incompatibility between your 3rd party speedlite and the camera. You can check if there is a firmware update with the manufacturer. Will a Canon speedlite work correctly if yes its a 3rd party speedlite problem. 


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It would be better to ask on any forum covering that brand of flash.   But to help rule out some general things...

How close is the flash to your subject?

What did you try in terms of adjusting for the amount of light? Narrower aperture? Moving the light further away? Lowering the light power?


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You don’t have a camera problem…….. You have a flash problem.

Neewer makes several different versions of the 300W strobe flash. Which version do you have? I am pretty sure they are all strictly Manual flash. Just turn down the power to the lowest setting and try taking the photo again. The S101-300W version has a power setting range from 7.0 to 10. (1/8 to 1/1) You will have to vary the power level until you find the correct exposure by trial and error.



Mike Sowsun