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EOS R7 High Resolution and Image Quality Settings



I'm a self taught freelance photographer. And I thought I knew as much as I could learn but clearly not. I got the new R7 camera, and have used it a few time. I took someones proposal and then engagements, she came to me later saying... "the resolution isn't high enough for me to print these, but the proposal is." I think it's weird especially because I haven't changed my settings. 

The proposal was something like 4640x6960

But her engagements are 1365x2048 

And I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing wrong, the image quality is set to make resolution, I've tried different ISO, and everything and I can't seem to get the exposure back up. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?



Hi Natalie and welcome to the forum
ISO, S/speed and Aperture will not impact on the size recorded by the camera, the resolutions set in the first tab of the Red section will, then followed by how the images are processed and in what format they are exported.
First, are you shooting in JPG or RAW and what are the resolutions indicated in that menu

In what format are you providing the images after processing?
What post processor are you using?

cheers, TREVOR

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I don't see anything in the User Manual regarding a resolution of 1365 x 2048.  As Trevor asked, are you using software such as Adobe Lightroom?  If so, check out how you exported your images.  I think the default export option in Lightroom uses a value of 2048 for the long edge.


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