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EOS M3 does not get recognized by Utility


I need to confess: I never felt so stupid in my 28 years of life as I had in the last 24 hours. Since I try to make from MacBook Air my View Finder for filming.

- I installed/uninstaled Utility 2&3 at least 20 times (probably more).

- I updated my camera's Firmware.

- My WiFi is off.

- I changed USB ports and USB cables.

- I've been nice with my camera and I asked him nice to work.


That thing DOESN'T WANT TO WORK. When I open my Utility it comes with a standard Preferences and Downloading thing. I cannot get that nice and beautiful Remote Shooting where it supossed to be the Holy Grail for Tethered Shooting/Filming.


What am I doing wrong? Everybody on YouTube click that Utility and the miracle it happens. With me, it doesn't. 


Please help me before I get paranoic that my camera enjoys my pain. Greetings!

My Canon laughs at me... and he enjoys it.


Hello eaLegănuș, 

In order for the community to assist you, we would like to ask you some additional questions. 

What version of EOS Utility are you using now? 

What is the operating system of the machine you are using? 

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Feeling the same way. Some basic features have been stripped from the EOS M3. 


EOS Utility can only be used to copy images from the EOS M3. 


Features you get on a lot of the cheaper models and from other EOS models have been stripped from the firmware: No tethering, no porting, no live view, no remote photography.