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EOS Kiss X7 suddenly stopped working


Okay, soo on september 1 I used my camera to capture my classmates and soo other things it worked perfectly fine then I got home transfered my canon sdcard to my phone to post the pic then put it back again, then on september 2 after I charged my camera and start using it again to capture what I always do to our school it suddenly stopped working, I thought it might got overcharged soo i bought a new one but still doesn't work, I tried searching it on youtube and follow their step and still doesn't work, can someone help me please? this is a new one cuz i forgot my old acc password, all of the tips didn't work and I hope I can get some solution



What happens or does not happen when you turn on the camera? Just what is "not working"?

Is this a full size card or a micro card with adapter?

"Bought a new" what?

Remember, all we know is what you are telling us, we need clear details.

let's start to the question "not working" well it is not working, when I turn it on it doesn't have any power, no red flash flickering and any other stuffs, no display something like that

it is a full size card that i'm using

I bought a new battery cause I thought it is the old battery that causes the problem soo I bought a new one 


Was it a Canon brand battery?

Sounds like it is just dead.

You probably need to send it for repair.



"Sounds like it is just dead." "You probably need to send it for repair."

Yup, it probably is but it is not a good candidate for repair as a good used working T5i is likely a better choice money wise if repair is even possible.

All you can do is new battery, new charger and new SD if these don't work, well I fear the worst.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!