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EOS 6D - "Busy" Message & Other Problems


Well I have canon EOS 6d and firmware 1:1:9 something like this 

Problem is that when I start using  burst mode or click images quickly using viewfinder after 2-3 pics it starts showing busy and then error and then card[2]

Then stop clicking pictures also when I turn it off its screen still remained on 

When I remove battery and try to start it not starts actually 

Only lens works when I put it on m focus 

Nothing works instead of this plz tell 😭😭😭



Remove card, remove lens. Try shoot without.

Thanks a lot Peter ❤️

But after 5 minutes when I started recording video and when I viewed the video it again hanged 

Could you please tell me the best way or I have to go for servicing 

And what I have to say then ? 

One more question is the card responsible for camera lagging ? 



If the camera works bit not the card, then low level format the card or change card.


When I use my camera without card it not lags in burst mode also no bust error type fully working 

Now I have to change card ? 

From the manual:
Perform low-level formatting if the card’s recording or reading speed seems
slow or if you want to totally erase data in the card.

And if that doesn't work you buy a new card. By default the write speed of 6D is around 42MB/s. No need to buy the fastest card in the world.


It sounds to me that you may have a couple of possible issues:
The symptoms that it stalls after a few shots, or a short period of video recording seem to suggest an issue with the file saving pathway.  There are two main elements in this.  The easiest to fix is to look at the card you are recording to.   It may be the card is too slow for the image size or is damaged.   Also, if you have one, using a Micro SD card with an adapter is not recommended - always use a full size card.  If you get a replacement get a Class 10 card from a reputable maker and vendor - there are lots of faulty or counterfeit cards out there.

The second possibility that strikes me is one I experienced myself with a brand-new camera.  The buffer memory in the camera failed.  This accepts the files processed by the camera and holds them until the much slower SD card can accept the data.  If the buffer fails, then the speed is reduced to that of the memory card performance - which is relatively glacial.  That will require a service and you would contact Canon for that on 1-800-OK-Canon

Before anything else, however, I would suggest resetting the camera back to the factory defaults in case some obscure setting is fouling things up for you.

cheers, TREVOR

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First and foremost, you need to try a different memory card. As mentioned by others, only use full size memory cards.  Use a major brand name like Lexar or Sandisk. Only buy them from a reputable camera dealer. Be sure to format any new card in the camera prior to first use.

Finally, only use the memory card in the camera. Do not use it in other devices, except in a card reader. 

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