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EOS 30D - bright "flare" ring on pictures.



New user from Norway here and hope somebody may give me som pointers or answer what this problem may be. The 30D have been a steady companion from me, but it was store away in the camera backpack in my hobby room for some time. Last year in May I took it out for Norways constitution day and took a lot of pictures. This ring is present on all images, no matter what lens, what AV/TV/ISO settings I use. This is also present on indoor pictures and also no matter how I face the sun etc.

The example picture attached is taken later that same day on my balcony of my house and pointed at a clear blue sky.

I have blowed on the sensor with a bulb, I have also cleaned the sensor (with correct toosl + disregard the dust spots on the pictures please) and no changes in the unwanted ring. And as mentioned tried many lenses, lots of settings etc. No visible hair, dust or other that may cause the problem that I have noticed.

Hope somebody have some tips to give to me.
PS, I'm pretty handy and got electronic degree and almost 30 years of technical support experience.



IMG_1711 Bright ring.jpg



That is a failing shutter (light leak from the shutter blades).  Should be worse at short shutter speed. You may not notice it if you take a 1 second exposure.

The arc shape due to how the shutter curtains move


Hi Peter

Thank you for the info and I agree that this is most likely the cause of the problem, the way the shutter blinds move will make the arc shape. Totally agree.

As this housing is pretty old and the cost for sending it to a workshop for repair will be more than buying a used housing of a newer model. But is this something that is dooable as a DIY, either by removing dust/particles from the blinds or to replace with spare parts bought on ebay/aliexpress or something if I get hold of some cheep?

I have a 30D myself with the same issue. I don't notice it at 1/1000 sec and slower. I don't think this will be anything for DIY. Even if you replace the shutter you will still need to calibrate it. The only third-party software I know for that doesn't support 30D anymore.

Thank you for the info. The calibration requierement and no third party software to do it as well makes this a dead end DIY. I did a short check on Norway's largest "2nd hand" webpage where people sell/give away or want to buy, and 30D housing goes for the same price as it would cost me to ship it to a workshop for repair, so a no brainer. Going to look for an updgrade to a later model then.

Thank you for the help and confirmations, extremely grateful!