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Custom Video Settings on R6


Is there any way to set or save a shortcut to custom video setting on the R6 the way you can on the R? I can't believe there isn't a way to do this, but I can't find one and various youtube personalites are telling me it can't be done as well. What is the likelihood of this being fixed in a firmware update?


If this can't be done, it makes the camera a mo-go for me for event and sports photography as I need to be able to swtich back and forth quickly. The R is perfect for those uses, barring the low frame rate and I was very exceited to upgrade for this upcoming season. I feel like there is no Canon camera that fits my needs and budget right now as a pretty mainstream semi-pro user and I am super bummed as I loved the R and really wanted to stay with the R series cameras 😞 




Maybe you can explain (exactly) what it is you're trying to do?


"Custom Video Settings"


You can press the Movie Record button when shooting stills without changing the mode to "Movie"


Can you supply the use case.


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Why has Canon deliberately put this software limitation on the R6

The only reason I can think of is to differentiate their line-up

It's a feature available both on the R and the R5

R and R5 both have M, Av, Tv,... C1, C2, C3 modes IN THE video mode itself

Whereas the R6 only has Auto Expo and M modes for video

So it's definitely not a hardware limitation 

There's a lot of headroom for making improvements in R6

Like adding ALL-I Video Recording and this very basic necessity of having Custom Video Shooting Profiles


So I just got my R6 and I figured this would have been an easy thing to change, seeing as the option is greyed out in the settings. How can we get the attention of canon to change the R6 so that I can use the C-modes as custom video profiles? This is a very annoying thing to have to deal with coming from the EOS R. to be more specific, I want to be able to set C1 to 4k24, C2 to 4k60, or C3 to 1080p120, but you can only set custom shooting modes. A very frustrating decision by canon