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Custom Shooting Modes Enhancement Suggestion


I have a suggestion that would greatly improve the functionality of custom shooting modes and give Canon a advantage over the competition. I recently got an R7 and with all the settings that can be saved with each of the three custom shooting modes it makes the camera a lot easier to switch between different shooting situations. However, most photographers have way more than 3 different shooting situations and thus are having to redefine one or more of the three custom shooting modes quite often. Instead, if there were a lot, like 5, 10, or even 20 it would be a lot more useful since you would not have to redefine a shooting modes very often. Plus, if you could assign names to the custom shooting modes it would be easier to locate and switch to the correct one for a given situation. As an example, some of the shooting modes I use are: airshow - props, airshows - jets, static people, moving people, static animals, moving animals, night scenes, macro, macro stacking, landscape day, landscape nifht, etc. Being able to save all camera settings for each shooting mode and being able to recall it quickly would save a lot of time and most likely prevent some errors.



The 1D Series of DSLRs effectively allowed you to have as many custom shooting modes as you wanted because you save the entire camera configuration to the memory card, including any and all custom shooting modes that you have defined.  You can save as many as you wished.

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That is such a simple thing to implement it is too bad Canon didn't include it on the R series of bodies.  Maybe a firmware update will add it.  Canon did respond to the suggestion that it was a good idea and was being forwarded to the appropriate team.