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Contemplating a camera upgrade - 5D MkIV or R5


Hi there, i'm in need of opinions on whether or not I should upgrade to Mirrorless or stay with a DSLR. At this time, I have a 5D MKiii that I have had almost 10 years now, along with a collection of 5 lenses, all EF. Not that I really need a new camera, but I wanted to start shooting 4K video, and the 5D MKiii caps out at 1080p. I did read that the 5D Mkiv has 4k but limits 30mins of recording time, while the R5 has firmware that unlocked that limit. The video will be more of a nice to have, I just don't feel like dropping $1k on a video camera when the newer cameras have the functionality, except for the limit in recording time.

I'm in no rush, I am curious to see what the rumored R5 Mkii is like in 2024, but i have read that some of my lenses, even with the Canon R adapter, autofocus won't work. For example, I have the Tamron 150-600mm G1 lens, was told that didn't work with the R series for autofocus. I also wonder if the R adapter could act like an extension tube and mess up the focal distance the lenses would usually have. On the other hand, the 5d MKiv is from 2016 and the R5 is from 2020, or R5Mkii form 2024, so warranty wise and feature wise there is more there.

As you can see, I'm kind of all over the place. This is not a business for me, though I do consider myself a serious hobbyist, but I would like to get another camera which will last me another 10 years.



I don’t believe it would be wise to pursue a 5D IV at this point. It’s a fantastic camera (I own it) but if you tend to own a camera for 10 years, it will become difficult to get support for it probably starting around 3 years from now.

Definitely recommend waiting for the EOS R5 II. At that time, you can then re-evaluate things and get that model or another one in Canon’s R-series line.


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100% agree with Ricky.  There are some great things in the works and none or them are DSLR.  That ship has sailed.  Since you aren't in a hurry, just wait a bit.  The announcements are coming.  

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What's your intended use for the 4K video you'd be shooting. Personal viewing? Commercial or semi-pro usage? Uploading for online viewing?

I get the impression that 4K video takes some more sophisticated software for editing. And I don't know what your current computer setup is, but it may also require an upgrade to do 4K editing and rendering smoothly. My old Lenovo desktop works fine for me with 18mp stills and is "OK" with HD and lower resolution video. But I'm sure it would choke on 4K video editing.

Since you have the luxury of time on your side, be sure to regularly scan the Canon refurbished website for a deal on a DSLR camera or body. They carry the same warranty as new Canon equipment. And all your current EF lenses will work on these DSLR bodies without an adapter. Here's a couple listings that are currently sold-out, but you can register to be notified if or when new stock becomes available.

Depending on just how seriously you want to get involved with 4K video there's also some Powershot models listed that shoot 4K.


To preface things, I've gone through the entire progression of Canon cameras since 1980. So, that includes the older F1 and F1N, and A-1 with FD mounts, the EOS1-series with the "new" EF mount, almost all the 1D series cameras (stopped at the 1Dx), and now the R and then R5. I used the 5D Mark IV extensively (usually from CPS loaner or rentals). It was the first 5D model I liked (other than my 5Ds). Great camera and I almost bought one.

That said, the future of Canon is the RF mount. Most of my current lenses are still EF, though I own the RF 50/1.2 and the RF 85/1.2. I have/had two Sigma lenses -- the 135/1.8 Art and the 85/1.4 Art (since replaced). There have been no issues with 3rd party lenses, BUT you don't have full-screen focus on the R5 (or any other R body). I can't see why your Tamron 150-600 wouldn't work with, for instance, the R5. If there is truly a problem, you might be able to fix it with a Tamron firmware update. (The R5 II is vaporware till released, so there's no way to know about that.) Your simplest solution, instead of plunking down lots of money is to rent each of the bodies. I rent from frequently and have even purchased some of my rentals because they maintain them well. Rent the R5 and the 5D Mark IV and compare them. Video is super easy with the R series, a little less so with the 5D4. Periodically on my shoots, I do videos for my clients for their use on social media. Doing video with my 1Dx and 5Ds was cumbersome, but worked. The R and R5 have been easy and seamless. New technology versus old. I prefer looking through the viewfinder when doing video since I'm not working with some big video rig setup. The 1Dx and 5Ds required looking at the back LCD and focus was not always easy. The same is true for the 5D4.

Hope these perspectives help. Good luck.