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Canon r8 for a dad - AF questions, lens recommendations


Hello, I bought an iPhone 15 pro max. Love the cameras but my eyes can’t handle the pwm screen so thinking of returning and getting a canon r8 instead. How good is the autofocus tracking on non pro lenses? Can it keep up with moving toddlers in indoor light? I’ll probably get one zoom for video and a nifty fifty for pictures. 24-105 good for video?




I'm an Android fan and own a Pixel 8.  My brother purchased the 15 max a few months ago and it takes beautiful photos.  If you like Apple, its a great device and worth keeping in my opinion.  

I believe everyone needs a camera 🤗, regardless of those who say cameras will be replaced by smart phones and AI in the future.  Maybe they will, but I doubt I'm going to stop owning cameras a lenses in my lifetime.  Its something I truly enjoy.

An R8 is a fine camera, and if that's what I was looking at, I'd pick one up.  It has some of Canon's latest AF focus and tracking algorithms available.  Do "L" series lenses help, sure, but they are not needed to take great photos or video.   An RF 50mm f1.8 will do ok indoors.  The 24-105 f4-7.1 would not be my first choice for indoor video.  As you zoom, it could struggle in low light.  You'd probably be OK in a nice bright room with daylight, but nighttime might be a different story.  If the room is well lit, it could work.  

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