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Canon T7i stops reading SDCARDS altogether, Camera Connect shoots Live Photos but Not Live Video!


My Dear T7i seems like it has finished its life-time, ANY SDCARD (yes formatted, clean etc) results in:

"Card cannot be accessed
Reinsert/change the card or
format card with camera"

The same SDCards were tested in other cameras and PCs and work just fine - it's the hardware.

I cannot seem to get past this so I tried Camera Connect. LiveView works great but only lets me take Photos, but trying to shoot a video gives me a "CAPTURE FAILED" even though the Software is set to SAVE TO LOCAL MACHINE ONLY. Any ideas on both of these issues? Do not have $$ for new Camera, but even if I did I would like to keep the T7i around as I really dig it.


Thank You, i updated the post above asking for a quick test. It IS a solution I agree, Camera port is broken, I just wanted to iniquire about the Live View (see above)


No one here really asked me about the pins inside the card reader, instead you focused on the sdcards, which is a great start, but telling me to check the pins is something you should have known to do! Is there supposed to be a break about halfway thru the pins? At least I think that's what I see, want to take photo but it's really tight... how much would it cost to fix?

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