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Canon R6 : AF Operation - Customizing to One-Shot for Electronic Manual Focus With Magnification


Currently using AF-On with Servo, customized the Auto-Lock * button for AF withTracking and Eye detection, and trying to customize AF Point Selection button with One-Shot so I can utilize the enabled Electronic Manual Focus with Magnify Glass. Mostly want to do it so I can focus correctly when shooting small birds in trees with lots of twigs. I tried the function that switches from Servo to One-Shot but I cannot get the manual focus with magnification to work on it.

The AF-On button has a submenu to choose between Servo and One Shot but I cannot find that submenu or option to get the same for customizing other buttons. What am I missing? Does anyone have a similar set up and found a solution to this? Thanks!



If you are attempting to capture a magnified view, I do not believe the type of operation is supported by R Series cameras. It is not supported on Canon DSLRs, nor my EOS M3.

So far, the R Series models do not support digital zoom. However, I believe some support crop modes.

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