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Canon R5 - Tilta FS970 Start/Stop (General side handle question)

New Contributor

Hi there,


I was keen to see if anyone else has been able to use a side handle with start/stop functionality with their Canon R5? Yes i have been in touch with Tilta about it and nothing seems to be wrong with the way it's plugged in via the nucleus nano motor and side handle. Wondering if Canon supports this functionality.


AFAIK, Canon does not support third party gear. The one exception might be the Eye-Fi brand of Wi-Fi SD cards, which are no longer being manufactured.

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No experience with the Tilta, but am considering picking up a Kondor Blue Handle which is specified to work with the R, R-5 and R6 only. It's LANC and Panasonic protocol compatible so claims Start-Stop functionality with RED, Canon R, URSA, Lumix and Sony cameras.
Canon mirror less cameras apparently use the (P) protocol. Kondor claims it's been fully tested with the R cameras. The Kondor Blue has only a Start-Stop button - no focus, zoom or aperture controls.