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Canon EOS T7i

Recently my camera’s on/off switch has had difficulty working. It’s not stuck, but the camera does not always respond when I switch it on / switch it to camera mode. I will switch it on and it stays off. After a few tries / switching it all the way to the video setting, it usually finally turns on. The switch feels fine, but it seems as though it just doesn’t always respond. The battery works fine, and I haven’t dropped it or anything. What issue could this be?


How old is the camera? Was moisture involved?  It sounds like it will or does need to be serviced and hopefully, it is still under warranty. If it is still under warranty contact Canon for service and do not mess with it. Any guesses will require it to be serviced, like the mechanical portion of the switch is at fault or the printed circuit board under the switch is failing. At best it could be some debris or dirt got in there and a drop or two of contact cleaner into the switch will cure it. Do not use a spray I suggest Deoxit contact cleaner, the small tube which will allow you to place the drops where you need it.


"What issue could this be?"


Best way to know is call Canon 1 (800) 652-2666 The Rebel T7i is certainly worth servicing.

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