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Canon EOS Rebel T100 Glare Issues


Hi All.  New here to the board.  I have a Canon EOS Rebel T100 and I have purchased Tiffen polarized lenses to reduce/eliminate glare on my photos but I still see glare on them.  I go into a lot of museums and we know that museums have a lot of overlighting that reflects off things on the wall, artifacts in glass displays that have lights that reflect, etc.  I have my setting on AV on the camera.  I am, by no means, a professional, so what am I doing wrong?  Do I have the settings incorrect?  Should I be using TV, Manual, etc.?  Any help by someone that has this same type of camera and has had this issues and has resolved them would be a big help to me.  TIA.



Polarizing filters can indeed reduce glare, but they won't be able to eliminate 100% of it.  Its ability to do so will also vary based upon the angle of the light source in relation to the subject.

I would recommend using live view and move around the subject along with rotating the filter to find angles that work best.


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What lens(es) are you using?  

Glare is not caused by any camera settings.  Glare is created in your lenses and filters.  It is usually caused strong light sources that enter the lens body and reflecting off internal lens elements.

I would not be surprised to learn that museums create the glare to make photographing the works from typical viewing angles more difficult.

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The typical lens that came with the camera 18-55 mm.