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Canon EOS 650D almost completely unresponsive


Hi everyone! 


Just joined the community hoping to get an answer as to what's gone wrong with my EOS 650D. I've had this camera for a good few years and it's been working perfectly up until recently. I was out using it, turning the camera off and on between locations, when suddenly virtually everything stopped responding. I could use the lever to switch the camera on and off but no longer use it to enter video mode, the display would instead remain as if in standard photo mode. I could also use the dial to switch between settings and this was reflected on the screen. The shutter and flash release buttons also still work but that is all.


The touch screen is no longer responsive, and none of the other buttons seem to do anything. I can still take photos using the camera but the last settings I used were for a continuous timer and I am unable to change these. When the camera has finished shooting, the images are not displayed on the screen as they were before, however they are accessible when the SD card is inserted into my computer. Strangely, when I returned home after this and turned the camera on again it started functioning normally, but the next time I went to use it the same problem persisted and I have been unable to get it to work again since. 


I am interested as to whether anyone has experienced anything similar, I tried searching but couldn't seem to find anything. I am not by any means a camera expert but this strikes me as strange as it is, in a very limited sense of the word, still functional. Could there be something I am missing or is it possible it has just given up after around 10 years of use? 





Make sure your batter is good, especially if it is several years old like the camera, although I do not think thatt's the real problem.  It sounds like a potential switch or board failure.  


Switch the camera to P mode, if you can, and use the menu option to reset the camera back to factory defaults.  If your issue persists after a factory, then you should contact Canon Support to see if the camera can still be repaired, and at what cost.

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It really doesn't matter what the cause is. The camera is unreliable and will let you down at the worse possible situation. Its time to just cut your loss and replace it.  It is too old, plus a very short lived model, to consider repair, IMHO.

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