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Canon EOS 10D


Hi, I have been using a Canon EOS 10D and I have recently come into some problems. When taking a picture or multiple pictures in manual mode, the camera will preview them but will instantly freeze, turn off and restart.? Does anyone know why this is.? I have tried 4 different lenses and no matter what lens I try the same problem occurs. Also I have been getting the error code 'Error 99' recently; maybe it is connected.? 

Thanks in advance! 




No error on any camera is as dreaded as Error 99.  The camera knows there is a problem but it doesn't know what it is.


 On the back of the lens as well as the base of the lens mount, you will find a series of gold-colored metal contacts.  Clean them with alcohol and a q-tip.  Get a new battery and charger.  Buy a brand new top quality CF card.  Try it again.


When all that doesn't work, go look for a new camera.  The Rebel T6i would be a good one to check out.  Our you can just skip the 'steps' above and go directly for the T6i.  It will save you from any more frustrations!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


It sounds like your 10D is in need of service.  But as it's a 10D, it's likely aged beyond serviceability (e.g. Canon may not have service parts for it) and the cost of repair would likely exceed it's value.


However... you sould hold onto the 10D body and call Canon service, tell them your situation and ask about the loyalty program.  They'll let you trade-in the old body for a discount on a newer body and this is usually the least expensive way to upgrade to a newer body.


The specific cameras available through the loyalty program change all the time and they don't have a website where they publish the details -- you have call on the phone and ask to get the current offers.


Tim Campbell
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