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Canon 80D low video quality?


I have the Canon 80D, which I have been using for filming. I have watched lots of videos on YouTube which demonstrate the 80D's high quality video capabilities. However, the footage I've been filming simply doesn't seem up to par with what I've seen it be capable of. My recording quality is 1920 x 1080 23.976 fps as a MOV, so I'm uncertain of why this seems to be the case. I know the camera is capable of more so it is quite frustrating to not be able to unlock its full potential. Any help is much appreciated. 



What is wrong?  Noisy? Out of focus?  Too dark, or too bright?

What are your exposure settings?  Ideally, you want a shutter speed that is twice the frame rate.

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Other than you don't like it... you haven't told us why.


It certainy can create gorgeous video.


Recognize that you have to provide adequate lighting.  If you do not, then the camera has to "amlify" what it gets (possibly by some considerable amount) by boosting the ISO.  This can result in "noisy" output.  The remedy for this is to let the camera collect more light... either by using a lens with a lower focal ratio *or* by adding light to the scene (or recording in a better location).  But *every* camera will have this issue -- this is nothing unique to an 80D.


Tim Campbell
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I like the video quality of my 80D.