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Canon 5D3 - Dropouts - I'm getting terrible dropouts using Transcend 1000x cards (any card). Help!


5dm3-dropout001.jpgSorry for the dramatics...
My camera, my lovely Canon 5Dm3 is randomly and occasionally inserting nasty dropouts. I didn't even know that was possible on solid media!
I'm using Transcend 1000x CF cards, but periodically, I get a really nasty glitch that ruins much of the take.
I couldn't figure out how to embed or attach an image here, so I put an example of my take-ruining glitch up here: (please don't mind that this take is out of focus, that part doesn't matter in this part of this take).

I was using IPB 1920p24.
The glitches are all over several takes. Most, in fact. But I can't find anything consistent that might help me understand something *I* may have been doing wrong.

What's additionally odd is the glitches appear different depending on how i'm viewing them: QT, WMP, PremierPro CS6, etc.  Each give a slightly different twist on the glitch.
Does this bit of badness mean a bad sensor, bad media, bad processors, or what can I possibly do about this?


Hit:  Menu -> Yellow wrench #1 -> Format card -> pick the card (1 or 2) -> and use the trash can button (lower left corner on the back) to toggle the "low level format" checkbox either on or off as you need.)  -> then click "OK"


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks again, Tim!

However, that doesn't seem to work on the CF card (slot 1).  I can only bring up the "low level" checkbox on the SD card (2).

I did read earlier that Canon won't let you low-level format the CF card (forgot which forum I found that on now).


Does your 5D III allow you to format the CF card?

Ah!  You're right.  The "low level" checkbox only appears for the SD card... not the CF card.  I had never noticed that before.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

You've been a big help to me, Tim.  I really appreciate it.


LAST question (I hope): If you were to format the card in a PC, would you uncheck the "Quick Format" checkbox?  Also, NTFS of FAT32?


I'm being hyper-sensitive here because these problems have caused me SUCH headache and could have cost me a lot. 

I'm looking to avoid all such issues henceforth and forever more.

Thanks again, Sir!

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